Sandy Rooney

Never one to hold back a sneer at the phrase “social media savvy,” Sandy Rooney is a media and entertainment business guru whose heroes include Nikki Finke, fictional studio executive Dana Gordon, and non-fictional Canadian Robin Scherbatsky. She is crazy about cooking, and her two Boston Terriers, but never both at once.

The Pumpkin

The Pumpkin has frequently tried breaking into the glamorous world of dating, only to find herself rolling home alone at midnight. And no matter how hard she wishes, her English Lit BA refuses to magically become useful. Although her fairy godmother is clearly MIA, she still dreams impossible dreams of becoming a writer in the big city—and meeting a cute, bespectacled nerd who’ll think she’s a princess.

Shady Satin Drug

Over-analytical. Over-active imagination. Over-reactor. Shady Satin Drug is a jack-of-all (modern) trades who spends her time divided between her real life in NYC and her imaginary life with Donald Glover. She wouldn’t be caught dead without some kind of reading material and can often be seen haggling with street vendors over the price of dog-eared novels. Want a bigger dose? Check out her Shady Satin Savoir Faire and follow her on Twitter @OnomatoBANG.

Le Chocolat Nonpareil

Perky. Polka-dotted. Peerless. Le Chocolat Nonpareil is a Midwestern girl who craves adventure, gender equality, and a full-time job. When she’s not forcing herself to act like a grown-up, she reads obscene amounts of romance novels and plays fast and loose with her KitchenAid stand mixer.

Sparkles Glitterati

On the peaks of Mt. Sparkle, the one we know of as Glitterati was formed. You will know she was there by the trail of glitter and confetti she leaves behind.  Sparkles Glitterati is tres tres girly on the outside, but super observant on the inside and loves to share her opinions on fashion and accessories with the world.

Miss Junie Cleaver

Junie Cleaver is most comfortable baking in the kitchen in A-line dresses and heels. She is torn between traditional ways and modern times and the men in her life tend to experience that in the worst ways. A senior at a large southern state school, she exudes charm and strives to be like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly…. and sometimes Lady Gaga. (It’s that whole traditional/modern torn thing)

Antigone on a Hot Tin Roof

Is not a band name  is obviously caught between old and older pop culture Is a mostly analog girl in a digital world, who would wear heels every day if she only had a car. Classics-trained, but geek-bred , she bonds with her fellow roommates over boys and baking. Antigone is saddled with a “mom” complex she can’t shake, so please, please keep hold of your children on the subway. Otherwise she’s gonna get antsy about their safety and make you feel like a bad parent..

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