EffThatGuy: How Tom Hiddleston is Ruining Our Lives

Today, on a very special edition of EffThatGuy: Tom Motherfucking Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston smiling

Tom Hiddleston being casually sexy

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

I mean, if he asked me to kneel, I’d probably do it. Sorry, Captain America.

Of course, The Avengers was the greatest movie of all time ever. It was well-written and well-directed and lovely to look at, and it had a lot of other positive elements, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that much of my enjoyment came from the fact that EVERYONE IN THAT MOVIE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING OH MY GOD.

While the Chrisses (Hemsworth and Evans), R.D.J. and Jeremy Renner are all incomparable in their own ways, the girls and I have been living and breathing Hiddleston-love. Really, there has never been anyone not named Ryan Gosling who has unified us so intensely on the issue of bang-ability. In honor of our mutual enthusiasm, I have decided to take this installment to the next level and extoll Tom’s virtues not through prose, but through song.

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