Leap Day: A Blasphemy Against God

Today is Leap Day. I’d forgotten this until I stepped in the elevator for work in a shitty mood and ran into our receptionist. She was equally grumpy and blamed it on the Day-That-Shouldn’t-Exist. One of our IT guys squeezed onto the elevator just before the doors closed as I said “Oh, God, it is Leap Day, isn’t it?” His response? “Oh, that explains it.” Because Leap Day has a spectacular history of being just all around shitty. And not just because it’s Ja Rule’s birthday.

The Scottish apparently hold this day in kind with Friday, the 13th for bad luck, while the Greek say marriages during a leap year are doomed, especially those on Leap Day.

It’s quite possible that Leap Day’s only redeeming factor this year is that it falls on ‘Spaghetti Wednesday,’ as the woman handing out papers in the subway station told me. I could tell you about all of the minutely shitty things that have happened to me at only halfway through the day, but it’s not over yet so there’s a good chance I’ll have something better to write about tomorrow. So if something terrible happens today, just look up and curse the Leap Day gods, because it’s all their fucking fault.

If you can’t tell, I’m borderline delirious from lack of sleep right now. I’m listening to the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack to try and remind me of a better time. It’s not working.

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