It’s Too Easy to Be a Jerk

I woke up this morning feeling angry at the world, and wanting to be a jerk. But after further thought, I realized that would be too easy. I like a good challenge.

It’s all too easy nowadays to be a jerk.  Guys dick you over, girls talk shit, why not just join them? Hey, if you end up hurting someone it’s OK ’cause you were hurt first. And it was bound to happen. Everyone’s gotta get jaded at some point, right? The fact that they were walking around, hearts pure, ready for love, ready for genuine friendship just shows how much of a sucker they are. They had it comin’. Sorry, super sweet dude I met after my break up. I’m too fucked up from my last relationship to notice how awesome you are. So I’m just gonna string you along and play with your emotions a bit, all in the name of “getting my mojo back”, K? You perpetuate the cycle you spend so much time complaining about, but somehow its OK?

WRONG. It’s time to take ownership of our emotions, make our best attempt to control them, and make responsible adult decisions when it comes to our emotions and the situations that we get into. Bad things happening to you DOES NOT give you the right to pass that negativity onto someone else. Life is somehow balanced in its own fucked-up-we-don’t-quite-get-it-way, and that gross energy that you put out WILL COME BACK TO YOU. I’d like to declare 2012 the year of “I’m on my grown woman shit,” meaning lets take complete ownership of our actions. It’s OK to care about the feelings of someone else that maybe hasn’t quite “earned” it just yet. I’m not saying date everyone that wants to date you, or allow yourself to get walked all over. Just be nice. Be honest. That’s def hard nowadays, but hey, if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you? Take the alternate route. Be different by GIVING A FUCK. Taking ownership and extending compassion to those around you doesnt always mean that everyone ends up happy and with what they want. But you will sleep better at night knowing that the asshole buck stopped with you. That in some way by STOPPING negativity, you have helped positivity to grow. And that, to me, makes the hard work all worth it.

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