Male Models

Fashion is fun on its own. Bows, shoes, coveted bags. But there’s an added treat. THE MALE MODEL. Chiseled, tall, with glowing skin and perfect teeth, the male model has won the jackpot of genetics. Usually seen accompanying a larger than life, perfect female, male models are the icing on the fuck-your-life-cake. Whether spread across the glossy pages of international fashion magazines, or covering the fashion week runways with swagger to spare, male models are the ultimate eye candy. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to choose whose existence is ruining my life more. But here are just a few that are ruling the runways and glossy mag pages and getting lack-luster boyfriends dumped left and right.

Cole Mohr

This 25 year old bad boy is quite popular on the pages of Tumblr. Its not hard to see why once you see his perfect jaw, amazing head of hair and those famous tattoos.

Ay dios mio! I can barely even stand to look at this picture!

Francisco Lachowski

This brazilian born model is an object for lust American women and designers alike. He has appeared in GQ and Vogue and rocked campaigns for Lacoste, Armani Exchange and Dior.

Sebastian Suave

Personally one of my favs, this American-born, English-raised eye treat has features to die for. If I stare at his mouth long enough, I find myself drifting off into my happy place.

 I hope that looking at these gorgeous specimens makes you as happy as it makes me. With so many amazing male models out there to choose from, who are some of your favs?

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