EffThatGuy: Robert Sheehan

The following was written by a good friend of the Suite’s. Thanks, Megan, for being our first guest blogger! 

First, a limerick for you.

There once was a man named Rob
Who undoubtedly had a huge knob
He opened his mouth
Cleverness spilled out
And he made the girls’ little hearts throb

Once upon a time in Ireland, a lovely man and a lovely woman went heels to Jesus (Jaysus?) and nine months later, a prodigy was born. This prodigy’s name was Robert Sheehan… and of course, by ‘prodigy’ I mean ass(arse?)hole because I’m supposed to be pretending to hate him.

robert sheehan

But he makes it so hard to hate him, even in faux-indignation. And for that… fuck this motherfucker (though not in the Oedipal sense).

Robert Sheehan, the face that spawned many a Tumblr gif. Thanks to the popularity of the brilliantly-penned British television series Misfits, this Irish lad’s expressive, behemoth-eyebrow’d face has probably graced your computer screen (or at least, it has if you’re an Internet nerd and let’s face it – if you’re reading this blog, I’m about 93% certain you are) in its animated glory.  Seriously. Google Image search ‘robert sheehan gif’ and click away – it’s a (pot o’) goldmine. Yes, the racist parentheses’d Irishisms will continue through the duration of this post.

robert sheehan gifI like the way ya move.

Like fellow actors Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell before him, Robert speaks with the lyricism that only the Irish accent provides, lilting and with a hint of puckish irreverence. And irreverent, Sheehan is. Go ahead. Google him. Marvel at the inappropriateness of his hilarious comments. Truly one who has kissed the blarney stone, he has a way with words. O the cleverness of him! He carries himself with a sort of Peter Pan-esque unabashed confidence with an energy that is undeniably infectious – a quality that will certainly make him a (hearts) star(s and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons).

But enough with the Irish comments. You get it. He comes from the Land of U2. But what else should you know about this disgustingly awesome dickhead? He’s got a type of nerdy charismatic swagga, like a smarter Shia LaBeouf pre-douchebag reveal. He’s fucking entertaining. And probably the type of guy who’d be fun to chill with anywhere – from getting a beer to something as dull as going to the supermarket. Or at least, that’s how it is in my Head Movies.

One whose profile is on the rise, Robert has graduated from his well-loved portrayal of Misfit’s Nathan Young to various film roles, most recently in a co-starring role with Ben Barnes in Killing Bono. What’s that? You don’t recognize him? Keep an eye out, because you will. In fact, start telling all your friends about him now, ‘cause in a couple of years you can very hipster-ly say, “I liked him before he became mainstream.”

Damn you, Robert, for not being in Misfits season three. A giant Sheehan-sized hole remains. Because of this (and the fact that you’ll never part my beef curtains), I have deduced that all unhappiness in my life can be attributed to you.

I want to EffThatGuy.

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