To Jesse Pinkman: A Love Letter of Sorts


Watching Jesse Pinkman’s transformation from the dopey chili powder meth cooking loser into the in-demand drug lord who wears sexy leather jackets has been quite the ride.

I began watching Breaking Bad years back when the show first started, but have since been distracted by life. Seeing it in my Netflix instant queue was like a gift from the gods, and it wasn’t long before I was counting down the hours until I could leave work and glue my eyes to the screen.

There’s no doubt that life threw Walter White a shit storm of curve balls. He’s an over-qualified high school chemistry teacher with a 40-year-old pregnant wife and a 15-year-old son with special needs—and to top it all off, he is also diagnosed with stage three lung cancer.

I have stage three cancer and my wife is preggo so I'm gonna get a job in a super dangerous field, k guys?

We’re so busy freaking out for Walter that it doesn’t seem to hit us that Jesse seems to have it pretty bad too. His family has disowned him, the only relative that cared about him died of cancer, his friends are getting killed, and his girlfriend overdoses on drugs RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AS HE SLEEPS. But, its through these chain of events that the dopey baggy clothes “Yo, yo, yo, bitch” boy we’ve grown accustomed to transforms into a badass MAN before our very eyes.

Yo yo yo let's go get high, bitch. It would be Kafkaesque.

A sexy bad ass man.

Its amazing what a leather jacket can do.

If you’re like me, you were pretty turned off by scenes of Jesse fucking that meth whore in season one. He’s pretty cute, why is he sleeping with her?! And when he was snuggling in bed with Jane during season two, you found yourself a tad bit jelly. Then, when he runs to kill Gale to save Walter’s life in season 3, its official. He’s won your heart, and also a trip into your pants.

Despite getting the shit kicked out of him numerous times, having run-ins with the DEA and dangerous gangs, Jesse Pinkman has not only managed to keep his head above water, but grow some hair on his chest as well. He remains startlingly loyal to Walter (despite the fact that Walter treats him like garbage, which really pisses me off btw), manages to maintain some sense of a moral compass, and even falls in love again. So I raise my glass (or my panties, it’s your call Jesse) to you, Jesse Pinkman, for becoming the sexy, manly, in charge BOSS that you have become, and I can’t WAIT to see you get even more badass in season 5.

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