Halloween Ghost Craft

It’s Fall, which means it’s Halloween time!! According to my mother, that means it’s the best time of the year. Forget Christmas; my Protestant, suburban mother adores Halloween and has been sending me Halloween cards in the mail (covered in stickers) since September. She saw this craft at work and decided that my grandma (Gigi) and I would make an absurd amount of them when they came to visit. Now you can decorate your place with ridiculous but adorable ghosts, too!


Here’s how:

What you need:
Plastic solo cups (1 per ghost)
Styrofoam balls (1 per ghost)
Popsicle sticks (2 per ghost)
Cheesecloth (we got 9 ghosts out of 3 yards)
Liquid fabric Stiffener (we used the brand Stiffy)
Black felt (not much, just for eyes & mouths)


This is what we used. STOP GIGGLING.

What to do:

Start by covering your workspace with something. We spread out paper grocery bags over my kitchen table (the ghosts have to dry somewhere!)

Make a ghost mannequin by cutting holes in your solo cups and sticking Popsicle sticks in as arms. We liked the arms to come out the front, but the side can work too. Then tape a styrofoam “head” to the top. You can make them all at once or one at a time- no rules!


isn't he cute?

Pour some of the fabric stiffener into a bowl and cut your cheesecloth. Since 3 yards made us 9 ghosts, I would say each ghost would use about a foot of cheesecloth.

Fold the cheesecloth into a small square and then dip it in the stiffy stuff (as my mother so lovingly called it). Once you wring it out, unfold it until its only two layers thick and gently drape it over your ghost mannequin.



This is the fun part! Mess with the cheesecloth by “pushing its sleeves up” onto the Popsicle sticks and drape the back so it’s bunched in some places and etc. etc. what did I say before? NO RULES.


"I'm gonna be a ghost for Halloween!"








Once you’re happy with your ghosts, let them dry overnight. Enjoy your SEC football, go out for pizza—you know, busy yourself with ladylike things.

The next day, you can take the ghost mannequin out from under your ghost. It may take some maneuvering, but your ghost can be shaped if it gets a little bent. Then cut out some oval eyes and mouths out of black felt and glue them on. I added glitter because OF COURSE I DID. Glitter makes everything better. Then you’re done! Enjoy :)


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