The Avengers Trailer – A Spit-Take Reaction

So after watching The Trailer three-and-a half times, I made my regular rounds to entertainment outlets (and their respective comment sections) and none can sway me from my original conclusion: this is a barely-ok trailer to what I still hope will be a great movie.

It starts out awesomely enough, with Thor’s fallen “brother” Loki intoning “You were made to be ruled” over shots of generally explosive urban mayhem. And I must say it thrills me to see my favorite trickster god outfitted with some new gear (he was hopelessly outmatched against Mjolnir in Thor). But from then on out it’s…not at all bad, but not really new.

The twenty-second post-credit clip at the end of Captain America was worth the price of admission because we knew we weren’t going to get much, but I expect more from an official trailer, even if it’s only branded a teaser. The geek sisterhood will already be attending for Tony Stark’s brilliant quips, Steve Rodger’s adorable Boy Scout act -he’s literally now the world’s oldest virgin, and we love him for it – Thor’s toe-curling laugh, and Hawkeye being played by Jeremy Renner; boys are already coming to see ScarJo’s unparalleled T&A; and I guess you Jekyll-and-Hyde fans are excited for the Hulk. But this trailer isn’t giving me anything beyond that. We seen the separate pieces, in all their destructive badass glory, but I don’t get a sense of the whole. How will these jagged edges form a complete motion picture?

I know – I’m asking a lot, but that’s what we Whedonites require of a man who convinced us that vampires have souls and cowboys can make it in space. It’s not just the “Marvel Justice League” we’re here to see, it’s the combination of the flawed supermen (and mysterious woman) with the genius of a geek that speaks to geeks, that reminds us of the beating hearts and vibrant souls beneath the spandex. I don’t see that yet – but I’m hoping it’s in there.

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