The Dreaded Sideways Hug

You like a guy. But you aren’t sure what things are. The night is ending and it’s time to say goodbye. You know that a kiss isn’t going to happen, so you’re ready for a good old fashioned hearty hug. He reaches out….drum roll please……………………WITH ONE ARM.


Thanks for this perfect picture


What am I, your aunt? My boobs aren’t made of hot lava, you baby.

Is he worried that I was gonna try to put the moves on him?

Does he think I’m a creep?!!!!

Is he that afraid to have his face close to mine?

Is he trying to be a gentleman??


I like this guy, I think he likes me, is he scared to hug me?!

This is bull shit.

I look hot tonight. He should WANT to hug me.

If I’m starting out BELOW a hug, does that mean we have to work our way UP TO a hug?

Wow, we are never going to kiss.

I wonder how “this other guy” is doing. He always gave good full hugs. Am I a slut if I call him tonight?

Man, now I just want a good embrace.

Will I seem desperate if I try to hug him with both arms?

Fuck this guy playing with my emotions.

I’m never calling him again.

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