My Thoughts On Being the Last Girl to Leave the Party

Oh, Tracy’s leaving. Wait, no don’t all of you go.

Why are you all leaving? If you leave I have to, otherwise I’ll seem like a tomboy or a slut.

Maybe I should go too?

But I’m still having fun. Why are they acting like they’re in their 60s?

It must be the classy thing to do to leave early. I still don’t want to leave.

Why don’t I have any class?!

Shit, it’s crunch time MAKE A DECISION.

They really all fucking left. How boring.

Dammit I should’ve left too.

Gosh, that makes them all seem like they have stuff to do, which makes them more interesting.

Why do I feel like they think I’m a lesbian? Do I seem desperate now?

Maybe I should leave. Do the guys want me to leave so they can talk about guy things?

I should definitely leave.

But now it seems like I’m only leaving because the other girls did and I don’t want them to think I’m a pawn.

I can’t even drink now that they’re gone.

If I stay I’ll say something dumb, I know it. Shit. ShitShitShit.

Do these guys think I’m hot?

Shit just leave, dammit!

“I think I’m gonna head out too, guys.”

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