On Being in the Friend Zone

Meet a guy. Have arguably the best conversation either of you has had in your life with a virtual stranger. Let it occur to you that he’s kinda perfect for you, but probably not interested because he talks about other girls. Become determined to keep romantic feelings from manifesting. Hang out again. Wonder why he spends the most time with you out of the group even though he knows everyone else better. Marvel in just how easy it is to talk to him and how effortlessly he says perfect shit and how much his friends don’t impress you.  Tell your friends about him and act nonchalant. Find yourself talking about him way too much. Have people on the street mistake you for a couple or suggest you should start dating. Wonder if it’s occurred to him that you should date. Catch him looking at you in way that lets you know he has but that doesn’t let you know what he thinks of that. Become convinced that because he hasn’t asked you out that he never will. Become jealous of that other girl he’s really close with who’s also really pretty. Start talking about “guys you’re interested in” to make him think you never wanted him. Attempt to move on with your life. Still hang out with him more than anyone and enjoy it more than anything else. Meet another guy who’s just not as good. Go on a date. Tell him about your date to see if he gets jealous. Try to figure out how you read him perfectly on everything except this. Bitch about it to your friends. Keep hanging out with him until he gets a girlfriend.

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